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For decades our family business has been making ice cream from scratch for lovers of naturally made ice cold treats. We’re Gourmet Ice Cream Products, and now all of our ice cream and sorbet brands have combined. Meet numoo.

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Same quality, same yum! Same range, new name.


We meticulously focus on flavour and ingredients to make our famous range of ice cream, gelato and sorbets.

Imagination and inspiration flow from our top ice cream creatives into every single one of our flavours. Click through and you’ll see classics, new ideas, kooky (and delicious) mix-ins alongside flavour pairings developed through the artistry of our ice cream craft masters. Not sure what you need? We have parlour ice cream, artisan ice cream, sorbet, gelato, gluten free and vegan options. All you need to do is get in touch.

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Specially made from the milk of Jersey Cows at farms we’ve hand chosen for flavour and freshness, our numoo products are available wherever you need them to be. We make all of our ice treats here in South East Queensland and ship directly to you.

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Introducing our parent company and the experts in yum! Gourmet Ice Cream Products are our heritage and our future.

With 30 years of ice cream making and perfecting under their belts, Gourmet Ice Cream Products are one of the seriously sought after ice cream manufacturers in Australia. Not only do they boast numoo and Smoothie Gear as their primary product brands, they’re also consistently innovating, discovering ice treat trends and emerging dietary directions. The results of this kind of work flows into the numoo products and flavour innovations and also into our custom manufacturing services. Want to know more?

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Ice cream made with imagination and flare!