An elegant and sophisticated range designed to impress the poshest of ice cream lovers. Decadant, fun, flavourful, fabulous.


The finest Belgian couverture, blended with fresh farm milk and cream creating a luxuriously smooth sensation.

Cinnamon Honey

Smooth and creamy Australian bush honey ice cream, infused with a hint of cinnamon spice.

Triple Choc Chip

For chocolate lovers! Our Extreme Chocolate ice cream, rich Belgian chocolate swirl sprinkled with choc flakes.

Oreo Cookies
& Cream

Wow! Real Oreos smashed and blended with the best of Australian farm-fresh milk and cream.

Roasted Macadamia

In-house, freshly roasted and ground macadamia butter blended with our farm fresh milk and cream.


Pure pistachio paste with our in-house roasted pistachio crumble delivers this decadent tasting ice cream.

Bean Vanilla

The Pinnacle of Vanillas; this artisanal classic has been delighting connoisseurs for over 30 years.

White Chocolate Salted Caramel Macadamia

Award-winning flavour balances sweet and savoury in a lusciously creamy sensation – reward your taste buds!

White Chocolate & Raspberry

Rich white chocolate ice cream with lashings of real raspberry sauce. Sure to delight the connoisseur!

Jam Biscuit Crumble

A decadent French vanilla ice cream smashed with jam biscuits and rich jam swirl – yummylicious!


Scrumptious chocolate ice cream, chunks of fudge, fluffy marshmallows and biscuit, finished with a marshmallow swirl.

Lemon Curd

House-made lemon butter combined with the richness of fresh Australian dairy. It’s award-winning delicious!


Outstanding ice cream for every day! The Parlour Range is excitement, crunch, flavour, quality and value, all rolled into these delicious flavours.

Banana Berry

Real bananas laced with a delicious berry swirl.

Boysenberry Swirl

A flavoursome, fruity creation swirled with a rich boysenberry sauce.

Bubblegum Blue

Brilliant blue to blow your mind; a traditional favourite to scoop!

Butterscotch Bits

Mouth-watering, creamy butterscotch ice cream dotted with Hokey Pokey crunch.

Caramel Fudge

Creamy caramel ice cream, churned with choc fudge sauce.

Chocolate on Chocolate

Farm-fresh milk and cream blended with Belgian cocoa, delivering a chocoholics dream.


Sweet, floral and nutty, a taste sensation to refresh your day!

Green Tea

An east-west fusion of authentic green tea blended with Australian fresh milk and cream.


A candy lovers’ favourite with real liquorice bits.


Scatterings of macadamia chips in delicious vanilla ice cream – a real Aussie favourite.

Mango Madness

A Queensland delight flavoured with North Queensland mangos.

Musk Mallow

A sweet pink candy flavoured treat with fluffy marshmallows.

Peppermint Choc Chip

Cool mint ice cream sprinkled with choc flakes.


Full of play with colours of the rainbow, bursting with flavours.

Rocky Road

Smooth chocolate ice cream with cherries, marshmallows, coconut pieces and crushed peanuts – a confectionery masterpiece!

Rum & Raisin

Classic rum and our juiciest raisins.

Spotty Cow

Velvety smooth vanilla ice cream sprinkled with colourful mini m&m’s.

Strawberry Cheesecake

A pastry creation to excite. Cheesecake flavoured ice cream swirled with strawberry ribbons and biscuit crumb.

Strawberry Swirl

Succulent strawberry ice cream layered with rich strawberry swirls.

Tia Maria Mocha Fudge

Be carried away with smooth Tia Maria and choc fudge swirls.

Toffee Honeycomb

Honeycomb ice cream, toffee swirls and choc honeycomb crumble unite in this very decadent ice cream.

Vanilla Bean

Pure organic vanilla beans are used to create this divine ice cream with vanilla bean fleck.

Royal Bourbon Bean Vanilla

Aromatic Madagascan vanilla – ideal with desserts or perfect on its own.

milk gelato

Traditional method gelato with oodles of texture and rivers of flair. Fluffy and full flavoured, numoo gelato is a neat fit in any cabinet.

Burnt Sugar

Lip-smackingly luscious, burnt caramel indulgence.

Choc Hazelnut

Chocolate and Hazelnut unite in a splendidly soft creamy scoop.


A rich, decadent and smooth Belgian chocolate, ready to impress the most insightful of chocolate lovers.

Peanut Butter Ripple

Smooth peanut butter expertly swirled with our indulgent chocolate hazelnut sauce.

Vanilla Bean

Fine French vanilla with vanilla bean fleck, expertly created from the pods of the vanilla bean.


Espresso style coffee with the richness and balanced bittersweet flavours of Europe.


A true Italian style traditional gelato – sweet and buttery, a creamy delight.


The famous Italian dessert created in a scoop – coffee liqueur and cocoa flavours merge. Bellissimo!

White Chocolate

Melt in your mouth, silky smooth, white chocolate gelato. Classic, timeless, perfection.


Light on the palate, zingy fresh and full of flavour. A super delicious range of classic flavours and top shelf new ones just waiting for you to devour.

Blood Orange Sorbet

Vibrant and bittersweet, a refreshing, Italian inspired ice treat.


Citrus, sour and expertly sweetened – the perfectly balanced palate cleanser.


Sweet, smooth and succulent, Queensland Kensington Pride Mangos flavour this premium sorbet.


Fresh, bright and sweet, bursting with sunshine and strawberry flavour.


Delicately floral, tart and sweet describes our quintessential raspberry sorbet.


Deliciously unique and bursting with flavour; premium orchard berries creates this bright, bold and beautiful sorbet.


A sweet and exotic fruit with a delicious tart finish.


The tropics in a scoop! Favourite fruits from Australia’s north.


vegan & gluten free

Dietary requirements and lifestyle are as important to us as they are to you and your customers. That’s why we’re mid certification on these two important options!

While many of our products are already Vegan or Gluten Free (or both!), we recognise the need and customer demand to formalise and certify these two very important categories. Check back here, or jump onto our email list and we’ll let you know as soon as these certifications come through. In the mean time, we’ll keep doing what we do best in making some of Australia’s most delicious Vegan or Gluten Free ice treats!


Real fruit smoothies are here to stay and Smoothie Gear ticks all the boxes on quality and flavours with real ingredients! Get ahead using the good stuff and choose the Gear to suit your menu and budget.

Balanced to deliver healthier menu items, Smoothie Gear is specially formulated to deliver on flavour and nutrition, using real ingredients and offering convenience with our value for money 10 litre range, or our premium range packed in 5 litre tubs. Whatever your recipe preference, Smoothie Gear delivers. Did you know that you can use Smoothie Gear forsmoothies, juices, mocktails and cocktails? Super versatile, you can get ahead of your competition by using our quality product with its higher percentage of real fruit. Check it out below.

10L first gear value range

Milk Shake
Vanilla Ice Cream

Perfect for milkshakes and scooping.

Supreme Shake

Adds volume to your milkshake.


Neutral, Lemon, Mango, Strawberry.


Natural, Mango, Strawberry.

5L top gear premium range

Milk Gelato

Coffee, Coconut.


Banana Burst, Lemon, Mango, Pineapple, Raspberry, Rockmelon, Strawberry




Mango, Berry.