Do you have an ice cream shop or a take away with a scoop offering? Do you have a restaurant and you’re looking for a better quality, paddock to plate, passionate product to differentiate you from the guys next door?

Discover what numoo can do to help you grow your customer’s love of your ice cream.

Aside from flavour and quality, what else can we give you? Super delicious looking front of house posters, engaging point of sale items and photo content for your social media channels are some of the things our team have been dreaming up to offer you.

With gluten free, halal and vegan options, our range is about as comprehensive as you’ll find. Click here to see it. And if we don’t have it, we’ll make it. Yep, that’s how dedicated we are. You’re welcome.

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Who makes numoo?

Gourmet Ice Cream Products, click here to learn more.

Can I buy numoo from anywhere in Australia?

Yes. Just contact your local distributor. If they don’t carry our products just yet, contact us direct and we’ll work something out.

Is numoo Autralian made?

Yes. We manufacture in South East Queensland out of direct-from-farm Jersey Cow milk and mostly local ingredients.

Is numoo natural?

It sure is. Wherever we can, we source natural ingredients to make an ice cream ingredients profile that you can serve with confidence. Where we include ingredients that aren’t natural, we’ll let you know. And when it’s not, there’s always a reason – think bubblegum!

What kind of after sales support do you have?

Yes we do! We can supply you with branded collateral and front of house messaging tools like flags and posters, so your customers start asking for scrumptious numoo by name.

Can we use your social media photos?

Go right ahead! Repost any of our photos as your own. All we ask is that you mention numoo somehow, so your followers know you’re talking about numoo quality.

Why numoo?

Flavour, texture, natural, farm-fresh, real ingredients, minimal intervention, small batch manufacturing, variety, support.