Guided by our strong philosophy on keeping production close to our lush Australian home here in South East Queensland, numoo is a real paddock to plate story. Australian Jersey Cow milk is bought fresh from local farms and ingredients are sourced for quality. Our team eat, live and breath numoo, inventing new ways to bring flavour and excitement to our customers, and their customers, daily.

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numoo is what happens when drive, dedication and ice cream expertise collide. Award-winning confidence.

Our parent company, Gourmet Ice Cream Products have been bringing ice cream to lovers of Australian ice cream since 1997, after acquiring and working in high quality shops and brands with decades of expertise. With products now known as numoo, they manufacture each product as small batch, on site and offer numoo customers an enormous range of yum! Visit our products page to learn more and get in touch to find out how we can help you build your numoo ice cream reputation in store.

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